Competition and the Joy Rider Cart – Length

There are several criteria for a ‘competitive’ cart.  These include such things as weight, ease of pulling, stability, durability and length.

There is no question that the Joy Rider Cart is a trade-off between weight and ease of pulling.  It is heavier, primarily because of the axle utilizing auto wheels, and that is exactly why it is easier to pull.  It is noticeably superior in loose going such as sand, and generally superior over rough ground.  You do have the option of replacing the axle with more traditional narrow steel or wood wheels.

Stability is the hallmark of the Joy Rider Cart.  You will not be tipped over by a tree root or rock.

We can’t answer durability until more time has passed.  (I can’t see any real issues, but I could be surprised.)

So we are down to maneuverability which is largely associated with width and length of the cart.

The Joy Rider Cart is designed around a 60″ wide axle, which is virtually identical with other more traditional carts, so width should not be an issue.

Clearance might be an issue, but my experience in competition with the cart pictured below is that 12″ was adequate for all the trails I drove on.  The Joy Rider Cart is designed around a 26″ diameter tire and affords 12.5″ of clearance.  This will vary with the diameter of wheel/tire used.

My original cart used for distance driving competition

Comparing overall length, the pictured cart (which I used in competition) is 128″ from back of wheel to tip of shaft.  The Joy Rider Cart II, set up for the same horse would actually be 9″ shorter than my original cart.

Joy Rider Cart II set up for same 14H horse

My conclusion is that the Joy Rider Cart II should be a superior cart for competition.


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